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Address:Paijiu road,Fuqiao twon,Taicang city,Jiangsu
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  About us  

The company is a private joint-stock limited liability company. Founded in 1980 and restructured/privatized in 2003.  We’ve been focusing on rubber products manufacturing for more than 30 years. Our services are primarily provided to domestic listed companies, international companies including several fortune 500 companies.

Achievements and Qualifications:

2003 – Certification of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system.

2009 – Passed the assessment of environment impact.

2009 – Obtained the license for rubber seal gaskets manufacturing. 

2009 – Certification of national industrial products production.

2010 – Passed the audit of clean production.

2011 – Passed test for ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard (Class 7, 1.0×107 particles/m3 )

2012 – Built workshops with ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard (Class 8, 1.0×108 particles/m3 ) for production of silicon rubber products and liquid silicon rubber products.

The company is located in Taicang Jiangsu province, which is a convenient location with short distance to Shanghai, Suzhou and other major cities.

The company geographically covers 11,000 square meters land with over 4,000 square meters of workshops areas.

Over the last 30 years, we have manufactured various industrial/consumer/medical products and accumulated a vast experience in making quality products. We’re aiming to deliver tailored/cost effective solutions to fulfil our customer’s needs.